Detailing: Dining Room

 Decisions are being made thick and fast around here. David and I have agreed on a plan of action for the upstairs plastering and it's proving to be more complicated than I thought!
He worked like a Trojan last weekend to prep for the plastering....apparently some walls needed to be thickened because of steel bolts in the frame and such. *Yawn*  (He he)
And there's still allot to do....

And then he asked me what sort of lighting I wanted over the dinning table.

Actually - the SPECIFIC light so he could block out the joists appropriately.
W.T F?
Yes, there will be lighting. DUH!  
'Maybe a pendant' doesn't cut it apparently....Eeeek!
Detailing urgently required...so....

Where we're at and the view from the dining area is seen in the pictures above. The kitchen is on the LHS of the picture (above left) and you can just see  the lowered ceiling I added over the proposed island to delineate the space. A milk glass louvre window and door were also added to the plan. The door allowing access to a return veranda which will house a BBQ for upstairs convenience; the glass chosen to obscure the neighbour's roof but not the natural light.

I'm not going to add a curtain or blind 'slot' to this room (like HERE) because I'm not sure any window coverings will be necessary and, if they prove to be required, I can add them so they're flush with the ceiling.
I'm intending on painting the door / louvre window wall black (Dulux 'Domino' as used HERE) and might have some Roman Blinds made in a similar colour for aesthetics during the evening. ?

So, now - the lighting choices!
Currently the space is wired for 3 x down lights over the table with a wall washer to spot-light art or a mirror on the end wall between the door and louvre window.

I'm thinking a BIG pendant over the table with separately controlled down lights either side - all on dimmers. I can't have pendants over the island as I've lowered the ceiling there to do some swishy 'glow' lighting that looks good in my head. (Um... Time will tell!)

Inspiration Piccies:

I like the idea of a chandie but David is dead-set against it. I first suggested one for the lounge room but lost the argument there too! I've suggested the Chandie-hidden-in-a see-through-drum scenario. Pfttttt! A simple drum was like-wise eliminated (this time by me). The mirror balls were a contention until we looked at the $ sign and then 3 x down lights were David's conclusion. !!!! Humph. Compromise? This:

Marcel Wanders Sky Garden (900 mm diameter)
Black and White.
Old and new
Contemporary and traditional
Authentic or replica
 Mega dollars or budget friendly!

I know there are others who are currently facing this same lighting dilemma. (Hi, Giulia!)
All suggestions and feedback welcome, as always!
x KL 
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