Bits & Bobs

This is what I've been up to for the last few days!
From Left to Right, Top to bottom:

1. Daughter # 2, A has a new bedhead in charcoal linen 
2 & 3. Having serious upstairs flooring discussions; Chevron Parquetry back on the agenda!
4. Bedside dreaming for J's room
5 & 16. Dining room lighting; the top contender
6 & 7. Lunch at Terrigal today
8. Thank you B! My pedi looks summer ready!
9. $100 MILLION! O.M.G!
10 & 12. Catching up on the trends with these!
11. My latest Bed linen. 13. Still loving Peter's of Kensington; Melamine mugs for $3
14. Loving Caftans. A new Camilla fave!
15. Updated my specs. Sad but true.

x KL

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