Bits & Bobs of my week

I've had a bit of a lazy week....feeling a bit 'blue', still not Ho Ho Ho'ing!
 My week, clockwise from top left to centre went like this:

Purchased some beautiful Euro shams from Bed Bath 'n Table on sale for $22 each.
Still contemplating dining room pendant lights even though I threw in the towel and told David we'd have 3 x downlights because it was all too hard.
Lots of online Christmas shopping arriving...I look like the Post Office!
S & M (the nest leavers) love my pod chair so I've ordered them one from Santa  ;-)
Thought this tree in Myer looked happy. Still not inspired enough to do mine though.
Another skull; this time faux. I think I may be skull shopped out!
Nothing nicer than a surprise screen message popping up! Love you too, J!
Trying to get some chair pads for the outdoor setting we're doing up for the nest leavers. I'll measure before I buy next time! This one's way too big!
Spent today with a curtain consultant. Another full post for sure!
Thought these Suzani-style baubles were cute. They're Otomi from The Land of Nod.
Attended a baby shower too...

S turned 23 on Wednesday (still seems like yesterday) and it's the first time I've not seen her on her birthday. Felt very odd. Looking forward to a Sunday belated celebration!
She had a beautiful lunch with Nanna & Grandad I'm told. 
Other than a day doing 'Tuck-shop', that was my week. 
What have you been doing?

x KL

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