Detailing: Main Bedroom

So the main bedroom plan (RHS) has changed a wee bit from those submitted to Council (LHS).
This was done primarily to create a small linen cupboard upstairs as the main one will be on the lower level. The bedroom door shifted left and outside, the powder room was re-arranged with it's doorway away from the hall end. This created a focal point for, you guessed it...art.
I then utilised the odd shaped entry to the bedroom for a walk-in shoe and handbag cupboard!
(with a cavity sliding door)
Bliss! Mind you, by the time this is usable I won't be able to walk in any of my heels; a cupboard for old-person's orthopedics and bowls bag doesn't sound very swish though does it?
I deleted the Eastern window because I felt there was enough glass elsewhere but added a wee highlight to the left of the robe for ventilation and natural light. And the doors to the en suite were widened too. The plan and reasoning for that, posted HERE.

My inspiration for the decor of the main bedroom are found in the following images:

A pretty eclectic mix!
 I'm toying with the idea of painting the wardrobe unit black or wallpapering it in a black print, keeping the rest of the room white or pale grey as a contrast. I don't intend to use any turquoise (I have a obsession with white bedlinen!) but liked the details of that picture if swapped out for Taupe. Just LOVE the mirror furniture. *Sigh*
I'll might try to put a Mood board together for this room I think.

On the wardrobe side of things, I'm very undecided.

I had first thought to do a joinery robe like the left top quadrant which might be mirrored like those on the top right. Now, due to budget I'm now considering an open walk-in arrangement like the images on the bottom and adding a door to the end of the 'room'.
We had this in the last house (pics below) and it worked well, though we didn't have doors.

And as much as I like the idea of a dressing table within the robe, there's plenty of room in the bedroom for that and I can maximise clothes storage without it.

Any suggestions / thoughts / responses?

x KL

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