Damn. After thinking the main bedroom colours through for THREE YEARS I am in a serious quandary. Dulux Silver Illusion, Natural White or Domino?
(Detailing and ideas posted HERE before)

The problem is the bedhead. It is made from a beige-y French linen and looks icky against the grey which is the Silver Illusion; my top contender for all those years. It looks great in the Guest room against Natural White but the Main Bedroom is a much larger space and I'm concerned it will look too bland.

So... I'm considering leaving the French Linen bedhead in the guest room and buying a new bedhead for our bedroom. Perhaps a similar style but in charcoal linen or white leather?

Or a greyer coloured linen?

or velvet?

In our last house (seen below; no bedhead to cause drama!) I loved the darker palette than elsewhere in the house so maybe I could use my chosen greys and replicate that concept?

Or throw some of my favourite wallpaper in too?
David's on his way to buy paint as I type....he'll call for a decision any minute! 

x KL 

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