Moving. Dining. Thoughts. Quandary

Daughter No. 2 has just signed her first lease on an apartment!!!
 I'm excited for her but at the same time am silently sobbing inside. Just like I did with the first nest leavers, S and MMwaaah!
Life and growing up happens in a blink of the eye...

In prep for the imminent move she's on a buying frenzy and has bought, amongst other things, this terrific dining suite from one of my best friends as posted HERE.

 It residing temporarily in our future dining space though, has been a bit of a shock.
It is a large eight seater suite and looks minuscule in the area.

We currently have a twelve seater Antique, Edwardian Banquet Table as our family meals table (contracted to seat 6 downstairs) but I'm now concerned it too will look small, even in its extended form, in the new upstairs space! Keeping the table is a definite. David collected antiques waaay before we met and I respect that they are precious to him. (hence the three car garage sized, purpose built, storage area filled to the brim on the lowest level!)

Sooo... do I buy something more suited to this space and add this table to storage or  'make do'?

I was contemplating custom making something but realistically, we'll be downsizing next move and would have no need for a table which I predict may need to be 3.5 - 4 metres in length to 'look' right. 

Life throws spanners at you every which way doesn't it?

x KL 

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