the Festival of Fifty begins!

 Borrowing the term from FF at Faux Fuchsia, the "Festival of Fifty" has begun in in earnest with David's 50th birthday today.

Want to replicate a perfect day? Start the night before with some Jolly Good Indian and then...
take one of each from the list below and combine!

A perfect winter, sun-shiny day.
Excellent company of brilliant friends.
Secret waterfront restaurant with no crowds.

Icy cold Veuve Clicquot & Peronies,
 Enormous platters of fabulous, fresh hot and cold seafood....

Finish the day with a night cap of aged Bundaberg Port-Barrel Rum.

And be ready to continue the celebrations with family on the weekend!

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with our precious friends J & C. J coincidentally celebrating her 48th birthday too.

Happy Birthday!!!!

x KL 

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