On a roll!

 Dulux Silver Illusion it is! 
Everywhere. Though I may revisit the bedhead wall with Domino or wallpaper when the other room elements are in place. (Sshh- don't tell Davey!) And I may need a new bedhead too. Eeek.

Best news? I'm happy with the decision. Thank God!

One coat finished, one more gloss and wall coat to go before fitting out with lights, fan and door hardware. 
Whilst we're far from 'full steam' ahead, at least the tide is taking us in the correct direction!

TIP: Always buy good quality branded paint and ensure three coats are done on new walls / woodwork. Sealer / undercoat is a step that should not be skipped. Enamel painted woodwork is far superior to water based paint's durability...definitely worth the hassle and unpleasant fumes for a few days.

x KL 

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