My Saturday...

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Unpacked these wee Kidrobot POP Balloon animals that I found on Ebay. They are sooo cute! I bought the cheapest ones as I want to paint them all the one colour. Gold.  Like Holly from Glamourmash did. Love. (PS: Check out Holly's Blog for some awesome glamour inspiration!)

The Middle Child, A, is contemplating leaving the nest!!! *sob*  
Or going to Europe. Or back to Uni... 
Just-in-case the move wins her internal debate she bought this eight seater dining setting. A $250 bargain. In as-new-condition. She's my girl! LOL! And it is now sitting upstairs in a recently cleared area. I will not repeat David's enthusiastic exclamation at it's arrival. Aunt Mary's fridge and washing machine are to join it next week. Hooray.......N O T!

All those Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and West Elm pre-opening blogger posts have had me enthralled and glued to my iPad.  
My invite obviously got lost in the mail.
 I'm more an online shopper these days anywho... so thought I'd give them a whirl. Clickety-clack and this PB faux coral whatsie should be knocking on moi's door. Will keep you up to date on the service...

Our main bedroom, walk-in-robe and the shoe cupboard are all ready for fit-out; architraves, skirting and doors. Then we can paint! Yippee!!!! (NO prizes for what David did today!)

My secret (shhhh) Mother's Day pressie from J.Crew arrived yesterday. I first told you more about it HERE. It is absolutely beautiful and antiquey looking but sadly is going to be returned. Maybe it's the old scraggy neck and a gazillion scars but it just doesn't sit right. It's shaped so it sits off the chest in a bulky way....I do not need more bulk! The second pic shows how it's curved. Must ask Ms Moth if hers does that too? 

Had a bit of a fiddle with the niche styling. I think the rear wall needs to be painted?
See the A4 swatch on the lower LHS of the artwork? Dulux Timeless Grey

Drafted some landscaping plans....a girl's gotta dream! (And I was procrastinating from cleaning out the bird cage....LOL!)

Speaking of birds....perhaps this guy can replace the necklace for Mother's Day? 
Ooooh, there's a happy thought!

Hope you had a lovely Saturday....what did you get up to?

x KL 

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