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 I am soooo itching to get 'upstairs' - s p r e a d  o u t  - and unpack all the treasures I've amassed and those that have been packed away for over three years! In the mean time, I swing between decorating the lower house with enthusiasm or treat it with total distain disinterest.
 (Ditto the house cleaning) Eeeek!

As mentioned once ?  (LOL) before, we are aiming at completing the unfinished areas downstairs whilst waiting for funds to allow the completion of the upper areas. I'm trying to visualise and decorate a half finished house and half finished rooms to make our current, less-than-perfect, living arrangements as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible!

This is the view, upon entering the house and looking right from the entry into the family room.
(Hello S!; who declined this incredible photo opportunity!) This is a 'temporary' dining area; it will be an unencumbered walkway when we occupy upstairs and is the only good image I have of the area I wish to discuss in this post!

I created a deep 'niche' for art on the far wall as it was an obvious view line from the entry. (There will be a retractable wall / door in between to isolate when needed) This is an expected high traffic area to the family room, pool, outside entertaining, beds 3 & 4 and laundry / entertaining kitchen.
The wall was created initially as a repository for a fully retractable glass wall between the family room and outdoor entertaining area.

O.K.... so back to decorating! I bought my first carved skull for this niche (LHS pic) as I had always envisioned sculpture here. The skull created drama though, if you're interested; HERE, HERE and HERE. Apart from being disappointed in the carving quality, the skull was too small for the niche so I on-sold it on eBay and after a holiday to Bali, welcomed Bindi to our home (RHS pic)

Bindi didn't look right either though, even though better scaled for the spot so I've tried a few various arty- farty arrangements...

...and decided Bindi definitely needed a new home. She has temporarily ?  replaced an artwork on the charcoal hall wall. (Still to be hung properly though!) Thoughts?

Which left the niche still empty. Damn.
Anyhoo....then I saw a Designer Boys framed sea fan. The colour, composition and size were all perfect....SO..... here she is:

I obviously need to tidy up all the crap that magnetises itself to that ledge and also do a wee bit of styling. And Davo needs to finish the niche light....

 Ho Hum...but at least one wall has it's centerpiece finalised, right?

x KL 

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