Considering J wasn't having a birthday 'party' this year, (we host one every second year; a cost containment strategy I started as a single Mum many years ago) his 11th birthday has managed to span a week with two cakes and a fun trip with a few mates to see Star Trek Into Darkness with lunch at a local pizzeria.

Mum and Dad have decided to zhush the family home which is 50 years young. New kitchen bathroom, flooring, paint and storage. Exciting! I'll have to get their permission, but hopefully will be able to share the before and afters... Decision 1: Limed Oak Flooring!

 Here, the  s l o w  progress continues.... David has finished painting the ceilings in the main bedroom and installed doors, skirting and architraves whilst I've been playing around with some on-line wardrobe planning programmes.

 Is it cold where you are? Winter has hit the Central Coast of Australia with a vengeance today. I'm happily wearing my new boots and living in comfy jeggings (long tunic jumper on top of course!)

x KL 

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