A Confession - 7 deadly sins

I've never lied about my decorating tastes. I have openly shared my somewhat robust acceptance and appreciation of most 'styles'. I think that is why I term myself 'ectectic'. It saves me from committing to one design preference for any length of time. And, what I create is more interesting than mish mash - I hope.
My confession here revolves around the seven deadly sins; 

Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony that were first listed in AD 590 and made widely feared by Pope Gregory. Theologically, sin creates the threat of eternal damnation and Reconciliation is the way to forgiveness ...and polishing your halo. 
Soooo... here  is my confessional!

WRATH: (Anger) Mmmm. I'll preface this with excuses. Monthly cycle, pre- menopause, pre-diabetic, no thyroid, living in the build, eating dust constantly. But this makes me cranky....

   Give me a break!!!!

GREED: Not satisfied with one Bromely, I bought two. No excuses. Very guilty! (And, Shhhh, I'd like another one!!!)  

 SLOTH: (Avoidance of labour) Well. This goes without saying or pictures! If I didn't play on my new laptop so much the house might be closer to completion. And the apple wouldn't have fallen so close to the tree. (I don't want my darling daughter of said slothful bedroom interned to a fiery existence!)
Our last project

PRIDE: (Vanity) Oh yes, guilty again. I am proud of the tiny bits that are finished. I LOVE my marble flooring in the bathrooms and now I know the house plan 'works' - I'll tell anyone who'll listen I was the architect! Oh, and our last house wasn't too shabby either!

LUST: (Passion)Yes, guilty again. Oh dear. I am passionate about interiors. I get so excited by a new challenge that when friends move, build or renovate I am there with my creative hat on, wanted or not and reveling in the creation of new ideas!

ENVY: Now, style stalking, magazine worship and blog loving is not true envy is it? It's research, inspirational gathering, recon!  OK. My guilty confession is that this vice is one I succumb to the most frequently. My 'wish list' only contracts if i can cross something off. Please understand.  

My temporary entry arrangement!
Entry Envy? You bet!!!

GLUTTONY: Damn.Yes. I want it all! And, I want it now!!!!! The hilarious part is that if you look at my current entry proposition, that beautiful packing grate was heaven senta few months ago!
It was a ginormous improvement to the plank entry that we had to get in and out of the house. Am I never satisfied? Where will it end?
(Well.... between you and me and this sacrosanct confessional; the pic above right looks like one damn fine destination!)

x KL

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