Guest Bed

My darling eldest daughter and BF decided to cancel their trip to Japan and now have lots of moolah to play with in terms of other ideas for travel. I'm fairly limited in this area. I was born in and revisited Papua New Guinea, traveled with work to Thailand and otherwise have stayed within Australia.
Any suggestions for a couple of inexperienced travelers? (Don't quote me, as I'll be shot down in flames; he's been to France & she's been to Japan - but as chaperoned school students)
I also need ideas with bedheads / beds. We will have a guest bedroom with ensuite and until our bedroom is ready upstairs, we are using this. My problem is that it looks so... dull.(See pic above.) I think it needs a bed head. Our king ensemble will stay in this room if finances allow us to buy a new one. It's a super comfy bed for me but hubby needs something firmer- we'll upgrade as we move upstairs! I was thinking upholstered linen. Any thoughts? I'd prefer to get rid of the ensemble bottom and have a matching upholstered bed base. Any ideas or recommendations? Below are some pictures that are far more interesting!