Exciting New Arrival!

Well my new laptop has come sooner than expected.  AAAAnd it has working 'AAAAA's!!!!!
Yee Ha!!!!
My eldest daughter's BF is so very computer-clever and set it up for me and my ever patient hubby has transferred my beloved photographs and downloaded pics to the new machine. I can't believe how much quicker it is!
This is the playroom. So far it has only the one coat of paint and since this picture was taken the skirting boards have been added. I had to wait until the decision was made between carpet or floorboards. The former has won.  I'm worried that the wall colour may be too light in tone but will wait till it's finished before I decide.The colour is Dulux 'Silver Illusion'. The contrast of white skirting and dark charcoal carpet should help.What do you think?

The hall to be lower bedrooms is painted too. It is Dulux 'Domino' and I love it. The skirting can't be installed till the marble tiles are laid, but I can still hang my artwork! I painted this for the last house and it looks good against the dark backdrop. "Warrior" is (like most of our stuff), temporarily residing inside until landscaping is done and a home is found for him!
The main bathroom is complete with the exception of the vanity / mirror and some fancy wall lights. For the life of me I cannot source dedicated fluro or LED contemporary / minimal wall lights! The marble is 'Crema Perla' and it is stunning! Ivory with taupe and grey veining. This same marble in a larger 600 mm square format will be laid throughout the downstairs areas. Eventually! LOL!
x KL