Best Cooktops

I've been silently debating with myself about our cooktop options. Gas versus induction? Stainless steel or glass backed? Some of my debating has involved the bench top too. If it's stainless steel as in our last house (which I LOVED) then a stainless cooktop will help it to look more integrated. Black granite - black glass. White corian..... Aaah!!!!I just don't know!!!
What I do know is this:  1. I would like it to fuse as seamlessly as possible with the bench top in terms of design, 'flushness' and material. I do NOT want to make a feature of a cooktop! 2. I would like it to be easy to use and clean and stay that way for as long as possible. 3. It needs to be manufactured by a reputable brand and be a quality product. So, here is my, as usual, eclectic short - list! All guidance and recommendations gladly accepted!!!

Smeg Induction
 (included because I LOVE this saucepan!!!)
Fisher & Paykel Izona The pan supports retract when not in use!

Gaggenau Induction All over induction - cool!

Barazza Lab
Barazza Select

Barazza Lab 1200

The last one is my favourite at the moment! The Barazza Lab 1200 (shown twice). It's been there in first place on 'the list' for a whole 2 months now. Maybe it's time to make a commitment?