OCD decorating and clocks

I seem to have OCD (Obsessive - Compulsive - Disorder) when decorating. In a previous home, we didn't have any mirrors for years other than those practically placed above bathroom vanities. When I realised that I lacked decorative varieties, I became obsessed, and ended up with twelve (and still counting) !!! Cushions, throws, bed linen, bowls, lamps and candlesticks have all had their share of my compulsion too.
Now it's clocks. Although running persistently late for everything, I am garnering quite a collection. Below are some of my purchases and wish - listed favourites. An eclectic mix all with great aesthetics!
Time - Talks - Flip Clock Geeky Gadgets

Butterfly Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconiy
Karlsson New Gear Wall Clock - White
Gifted Store

POP Quiz Clock: Raw Space

Contemporary Cuckoo clock; Hard To Find
Cuckoo clock; Top 3 by Design

Tivoli Model 3 Clock Radio

Starck Visual Projection Clock; Oregon Scientific

Progetti Random Wall Clock; Top 3 by Design

Mantle clock; Top 3 by Design

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