Designer kettles

Have you ever noticed that appliances all seem to kick the bucket at about the same time? Or is there a mysterious electrical plague infecting my house? First went the hair-dryer then the clothes dryer. Next were the washing machine, microwave and toaster. Now my kettle's on his last legs! At least I know I'll have lovely new things for the house when it's complete. Here are my picks - design wise, for the new kettle.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with an Alessi Kettle! This one topped my 'wish list' until recently. The one on the left is the original but in black, so was perfect - until I stopped and thought. Do I really want to go back to boiling water on the stove top? Then I found the electric version. Yee ha! But I can't get a definitive answer about the plug. It's designed for the euro market and I think I'd spoil the look having a bulky travel power adapter nearby!Does anyone have the electric version ?

This is the Sunbeam Glass Kettle. It ticks all the right boxes for me design wise but is it practical? I'm yet to see it in reality but I would suspect that the gorgeous handle might not make pouring boiling water easy. I wonder if it gets hot too? My choice though for the downstairs kitchenette.

And then there's this one. The Bugatti 'Vera' electric kettle. Why do I always pick the most expensive?! I will justify this though saving on the Sunbeam. Let's face it, good visual design must be practical too to get my money. And I know I'll admire this on a daily basis in my main kitchen. Divine. Now I just have to choose the colour!

x KL