'The Block'

Photo Courtesy of Channel Nine

Are you watching the new series of The Block on Channel Nine? The time slot doesn't suit me so I watch the downloaded version the next morning whilst I'm on the treadmill. It definitely keeps me entertained whilst I do this new brain - numbingly boring activity!.
I liked the bedroom above that was designed by Shannon and Aaron in the first elimination episode. It would slot quite easily into my house! (I might moderate the black with another 'blackish' colour though) I particularly LOVE that round rug from RC&D (Rugs, Carpet & Design) and have already checked out their website. This rug isn't featured so I'll have to give them a call. It is stunning, don't you think? Does anyone know any more information, such as cost?
Have you ever noticed that when your looking to buy a new (insert desired object) that you seem to see them everywhere? What came first? Your idea or the trend? Am I subconsciously following an emerging trend or do I have a great idea and then am conscious of something similar when I see it? Anyhow, dark walls; charcoal, black, grey - they all seem to be very popular at the moment and that means more inspirational images for me. Yippee!!!