Ceiling Fans and Boy's Bedrooms

When we were at the design stage for this build, I tried to incorporate as many natural and eco-friendly options for both ventilation and cooling as I could. Ceiling fans were planned for seven rooms; all bedrooms, the playroom and study.

I've chosen the 'Airspace' model by Omega in white.

It is simple, whisper quiet and has the option of remotes which we have purchased for the bedroom installations. There are no lights on the model chosen; I dislike any movement from a lighting source! Downlights provide ample illumination. Now, I just need to get them installed in the completed rooms!

This is a picture of my son's bedroom - to - be. He's camping in what will be the study at the moment! Because the roof is pitched above this room we decided to have a sloped ceiling that allowed space for a secret, tiny loft play area. Underneath will be his robe and a small built - in desk. We still have a long way to go but below are some of my motivating inspirations! It's been hard to think of appropriate decorating as my son in nine. Not a little boy, but not a teenager yet and I don't want the decor to be outgrown too soon nor be too old for him now! Major Dilemma! Has anyone else got ideas or have experience with this same problem?
The picture above is of his current bed linen. It looks crisp and I've red cushions on the bed too. We have purchased him a queen bed which he loves and is excellent for before bed story telling! He has SOOOO many books! I like the idea of floor to ceiling book / display areas and although the picture below is very dodgy in quality, I love the concept.

I adore the quilt above and will purchase it soon I think. I worry about the zillions of things I have in storage but am also consumed with fear about a product I've chosen being discontinued. This quilt is from Pony Rider. I just LOVE their products and have bought a few cushions already!