Dinosaur egg discovery and getting plastered!

Well, no wonder the house isn't finished! I keep shopping for the bits to finish it before I buy plaster for the walls! Far more interesting I reckon!!! This is my latest acquisition!

My son thought it was a dinosaur egg.... but it's really a very large, white, organic shaped planter! How cool is it!????? There's an off -set hole on top and I L.O.V.E. it!!!! It's doing the temporary residency thing on top of storage boxes in the finished playroom. We're clearing the main lounge area in preparation for plastering too!
Current state of the upstairs lounge room.

The room behind the lounge is our to-be-main bedroom and is still full of stored 'stuff'! I'm really looking forward to seeing the coffered lounge ceiling go in because it will have recessed lighting that runs around the ceiling cove like this picture below (but ours will be all square set):

I'm still hoping for a chandelier too but dear old darling hubby still needs convincing. I've got my eagle eye on this one , should I be so lucky!!!!

I snapped this photo at Coco Republic. Drool!!!!

Then again, maybe I'll just bless his cotton socks for the plaster!
x KL