Decoration + Design Fair

Rainy days usually mean snuggling up at home for me. Despite the incessant deluge this week, I've been quite busy. Yesterday, David and I visited the Decoration + Design Fair in Sydney which showcased the latest soft furnishings & interior products  / designs from Australian manufacturers and importers.
I haven't attended this annual event for several years and it was a great way to spend a rainy day. Here are some snaps of products that took my eye.

 I found a couple of new contacts for mirrored furniture which is still going strong as a interior trend and loved to see some well designed minamalist outdoor furniture too. I hope someone picks up the opportunity to import the extention table below (RH picture) as it was just stunning!

  I found a great King sized bedhead for our guest room too. After many months of deliberation deciding between velvet or linen,  black / charcoal versus taupe colouring, the far back one seen in the photo below was ordered! Yee ha! Natural linen and timeless.

And the most exciting news?  'MY' skull is being imported again! I've posted about it before HERE.
I've pre-ordered one and am just so excited to finally tick this off my wish-list! The picture below is from the importer's catalogue. There were quite a few skulls and horns on display throughout the fair at various exhibitor's stands but this one is still my fav!

Is it still raining where you are? How are you coping?

x KL 

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