My latest purchases!

Hard Work tea towel
Straight Shooter Card
 Poulier and Poulier has some great online finds. I'm going to frame the Hard Work tea towel and the Straight Shooter card for my son's bedroom. To keep costs down (I think art work for children needs to change frequently and grow with them) I'll use Ikea frames.

Love the Tam black earthenware
Cantina Range in Nutshell

 I've placed my online order with Country Road for these lovely home wares and received a new season discount of 30% too. I bought several Tam black dip bowls for entertaining and the whole Cantina range. The saffron was the pick of the colours in this but the nutshell will match previous purchases better. I also bought some colour co-ordinated tea towels!

Peters of Kensington and their Daily Deals tempted me with these gorgeous scented candles at 60% off. Can you guess which style caught my eye?  I bought six of these for gifts and one for me! (The leopard one; Bad Woman was my pick!)

Zanzi Suede Ankle Boots
 I found these cute little suede ankle boots in Wittner. The $169.95 price tag made me walk away for a think but I've now found them online for $149.95. Go figure! 
Am still a tad undecided though, are ankle boots a fad? Am I too old? Eeeek!

 And I added to one of my Decorate + Design orders. The carved wooden cross is a bit impetuous and may end up gifted or used in a client's home but the Wood & Bone cross in black and white is a keeper. I've spotted some furniture in this style before but the prohibitive cost has prevented me from purchasing. Hopefully this little cross will suffice!

x KL

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