There were lots of highs to this adventure!

The school birthday parties have begun! Today J went to the Treetops Adventure Park in Wyong Creek to celebrate a school mate's 9th birthday and what a great day they had! Although wet and muddy, the rain held off for us perfectly!

There were a few tears at the start from some of the more timid children but by the end of the three courses all were racing through without any fear.

 They all loved the flying fox!

J had only one major slip on a suspension bridge and once he realised he couldn't fall to the ground (all participants are harnessed to a safety wire), he gained more confidence and flew through the challenges. 

There is an adults course too but I don't think you'd get me even on the kid's one! They all loved it though and I'd thoroughly recommend it for a birthday celebration. I'm guaranteed that J will sleep well tonight too!

A storm is rumbling out to sea at the moment and the rain has set in again! Maybe I should ask David to get started on that Ark?

x KL

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