Shopping again....but this time it's business!

Quirky 'roll-out' drainer mat sits over under mount sink.

I've been busy shopping again, but this time for clients. Everything needs to be selected for the Terrigal Project from sinks, tiles and light fixtures to roofing, soft furnishings and paint colours. (And a kazillion other things too!) For the past two days I've been focusing on the P.C items. There are always new products to be found and tried and true favourites to revisit.

I'm always impressed by the quality / style of Franke and Oliveri sinks who also seem to have a reasonable price point. I love these two examples of 'rounded' square designs because they are easy to clean and maintain. Practicality is always a top priority, particularly when the clients are a time poor professional couple with a young family.

A well laid out showroom always makes selection easier however I was surprised to find that in all but one bathroom display showroom that I visited, there were no sales persons available. Not busy with someone else. Not at lunch. Just not there. For the day
The plumbing supplies boys were helpful, (a few were impressive even) and could take my list for quotation but how very disappointing if you've got questions or need advice. I'm still extrapolating what this might mean fiscally and regarding the economy....

I particularly liked being able to 'play' with some of the products that were plumbed for use. Water flow, spray patterns and water reach were easily understood.

Our previous building clients have either provided their own personally sourced vanities or we have had them custom made within the joinery component of the building allowance. I have not shopped for redi-made vanities before and OMG! What an eye opening, jaw dropping experience this was! They are soooooooo expensive and the cheapies are just plain ugly! The best I found was the simple one pictured above. It comes in the sizes I need; 750, 900 and 1200 mm, can be wall hung, skirted or supplied with chrome legs. Straight from China of course (I need to do more research re quality)  but with a nice modern look, reverse mitre finger pull drawers and as the 1200mm wide unit was $499 R.R; (I should get these babies with trade pricing and negotiating my toosh off, for much less!) they're a immediate contender.

ADDED NOTE: 3/3/12
 I received the formal quotation from this supplier and prices didn't match the ticketed in-store items. On further enquiry it was discovered that the prices were incorrect. Drastically so. The seller was very appologetic and grateful that I had made her aware of the error. Sorry if I gave anyone else a bum steer!

Of course, with all this busy-beeing I failed to post a Happy Valentine's Day message to you all. Hope I'm forgiven and that your day was filled with lots of love as it should be. My darling children + the  residing boyfriend received a very quickly hand drawn card and sweetie treat and Hubby got the card below:

David's Valentine 'bah, hum-bug' attitude was resurrected with another annual soap-box performance. The day, according to him, is for young lovers who are either trying to bed or wed the object of their affections. Us old married cronies have no right to participate or waste precious money, energy or passion on this commercial trick. Excuse me?????

So.... this is where I booked, we dined and he paid, on Tuesday night. A sweet, romantic, seafood water front restaurant. Perfect! LOL!

And who knew that garden clippings could look so good? Murraya (Orange Jessamine, Mock Orange) branches, palm fronds and seed pods. I'll be reproducing this one at home!

x KL

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