Why am I in the dark with lighting?

Assisting with the planning and implementation of ideas for someone else's renovation has made me want to see some progress here. I thought that if I finished the downstairs rooms, one at a time rather than tackling the enormous upstairs area, I might make some quick progress. (Visually at least!)
Starting with the main bathroom, I needs a custom vanity (I already have the 2x sinks and tap ware), a mirror wall and two wall sconces. Easy Peasy eh?

 I measured and sketched, then Davo got involved and he re-measured and then I re-sketched (LOL!) how the 'floating' vanity was to be constructed. Off I went to our joiner and....he's closed down!!! Now I need to find someone new, get quotes, etc...Grrrr.
OK, not to be thwarted (mirror can't be actioned till after vanity installed), I thought I'd purchase the wall sconces for either side of the heated towel rails.

This is what I chose:

Ordered, brought home and Eeeek! they looked really wrong in the room! Back they went and now I've ordered these:

And of course they were 4 x the price! Not feeling too confident if truth be told!
And the major bummer with all this? Still not one room finished!

 Couldn't even be bothered with tidying up the mess that the temporary arrangement is in so I've returned to my Mantra (or a variance) yet again.....

x KL

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