Isn't Sunday a 'Day of Rest' ? I must be wicked...

In order to gyprock the three remaining rooms upstairs we needed to shift the many storage boxes that have been residing there (quite comfortably) for two years. My other half decided (quite sensibly) that rather than simply shifting, we should open, cull and downsize our stored matter. 

My first 'sealed' box was quickly sobbed over and instantly repackaged 'as -is'. 22 year old velvet, lace and silk baby dresses are not on my cull list. No. Not. Ever.
(as an aside I must mention that my ex-mother-in-law's hand made velvet creation is my most sentimental possession ever. Thank you Edith.)

Compromises did need to be made though so my magazine collection, that has broken many a removalist's back, was a key target. I quickly calculated $4 000 + of magazine expenditure being thrown away.... Eeeek!

The prospective WIR looks a bit better though...

As does the main bedroom en suite!

The main bedroom still needs more clearing out before gyprock and I'm running out of storage space!

The Playroom (above) is being a storage host, as is J's bedroom below!

 There were some funny surprises in the sorting....

WTF? Despite the mould, they were C.F.M. shoes in their day! Why did I keep them?  Letting go of the past....umm.....  it's definitely time!

Anyone need 'hairy-hat' lanterns; Bali style? Thank God for E-bay!

This is the 'throw-away' pile, humongous analogue T.V.s must be the 'dinosaurs' of this generation.
Any hoo...better get back to it.... still need to tackle the lounge and dining room areas!

x KL 

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