General Round up!

After the scaffolding was put up the rain started, and with three weeks more forecast, the start to the Terrigal Project has changed from outside work to inside.  Houses are much easier to pull apart than put together and already 90% of the internal walls have been removed as have the two existing bathrooms.

 The whole family got together on Saturday night at The Bavarian Beir Cafe Paramatta to celebrate my nephew's 18th Birthday. Situated in what once was a Presbyterian Church, the space was truly atmospheric and I fell in love with the huge round light fittings. Stunning!

We celebrated my Aunts 83rd birthday last week too. We took her to the Tuggerah Hog's Breath Cafe
for lunch and I had to laugh at this old sign that was on the wall. Limiting my youngest child's ice-cream intake just got even harder!

 Have you seen all the New Season (Autumn / Winter) goods hitting the stores?
I still haven't experienced Summer! 
I normally love the change of seasons and always love new Country Road catalogues but was a bit unimpressed with their latest offerings. Maybe it's because I'm not ready for cooler weather yet? 
I did love their new home wares though. Very simple and Scandinavian in feel. What are your thoughts?

x KL 

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