What did you do today? We were Home & Away!

Palm Beach Wharf

J had a school staff development day today so a couple of girlfriends and I decided to make good use of a rare fine day and took the children to Palm Beach on the Ettalong Ferry. Driving there would take us over two hours but this way we were there in 20 minutes. Yay!

Lion Island
 Whilst the children took in the sights, I told my friends of my dramatic 'getting there' story. It involved a petrol station taking 20 minutes to replay their security cameras to verify that I did not receive my moolah in a $100 'cash-out' transaction. This is after said transaction in which I left, drove to destination, realised my cash-less state, returned and was made to feel like a just released con artist from Silverwater Correctional Centre. The money was ultimately thrown at me without apology and then I sped to the wharf with 30 seconds to ferry departure spare! (To find that the organiser had misread the timetable and we had another half hour to wait!) Whew!!!! Time to catch my breath!

The most exciting part of our trip there was hearing the children's squeals at seeing the fictitious Summer Bay from local television drama 'Home and Away'. One of my girlfriend's husband has a minor role on the show and Davo is a huge fan (of the show, not the husband, though they are friends. LOL!) so J took a gazillion snaps for Daddy.

THE Summer Bay Diner!

Summer Bay Light House!

Fish and chips fed the hungry tribe (oysters, calamari and smoked salmon too!) and hand feeding the sea gulls delighted J. Simple things are often the surprising hits of a day aren't they?

The adults discussed the merits of the local architectural styles on display. Modern verses Coastal? The jury remains out on this one still...

The trip home was wet and stormy (including very loud claps of thunder) and huge swells that resulted in many shrieks (my god, little girls are LOUD!) and laughter from all the children who declared the wild ride was the best one E.V.E.R.!

Rear ceiling speakers
 Whilst we were having fun, some small progress was being made at home with the installation of surround-sound speakers in the family room. They were bought over 12 months ago and now have discoloured edges which David assures me will be able to be painted white successfully.

 One of the front speakers was installed before this exciting step forward was rudely interrupted by....none other than the 'Home and Away' programme. Damn! Hope it's not another 12 months before the right and centre speakers are actioned! 
Another job half finished. 
You've gotta laugh!!!!

x K

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