They're kidding . . . right ? !

Since when did Christmas shopping prep start in AUGUST?!

I don't know about you, but I like to think I'm well organised in the Christmas Shopping stakes. I usually start gathering ideas, new decorations and gifts in October - November. 
The house decoration is actioned in the last week of November so it's ready for a traditional start to the Festive Season on December 1.

But the order of things was rudely disrupted upon opening the latest issue of House & Garden Magazine. Pre-Christmas ordering.....Page 2! O.M.G!

I must be honest, I did try this last year. (Surely NOT on August 1?)
By the time my decorations were delivered, the shops also had their stock and were heavily discounting. Before Christmas. I was told they over-ordered. 

Once bitten, twice shy rings true here.
Soooo...if you're reading dear Domayne, give your pre-order shoppers the discount. Money in the bank. And use their ordering choice to pre-empt anticipated store stock requirements.
 I anticipate that selling excess stock at a loss would be minimised. 
That's gotta be a win -win ?

 And I am being swayed by FF Faux Fuchsia reasoning that following a Retail Christmas makes more sense. (Tree up in October = longer enjoyment for all that decorating effort!)

What do you think?

x KL

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