Gel nails & pool progress!

Please ignore scaly old hand!!!
  I went to 'The Big Smoke' on Friday. I accompanied a friend to a specialist doctor's appointment and then we hit Ikea... as you do! AMAZINGLY we spent very little ( but of course we didn't leave empty handed! Duh!) and we then had time for a mani and pedi. Yay! I love having a regular pedicure in spring / summer. (I can't see the value in winter! Hello.... boots, sneakers & uggies!) I never have polish when I have a manicure though because within 2 hours I've chipped it! (Sorry, FF!) Always! And I hate chipped polish more than I hate hang nails! So, on Friday I tried a 'Gel nail'. See pic above - it's Saturday night and they're still intact! Amazing. I'm a convert!And they reckon they'll last two weeks! Wow! I do look so much more posh! Ha!  They took AGES to do though, and I was so over-it by the end! LOL!!!

 And.... this is what the hubby's been doing today... steeling up the pool! Major Yay! First time there's been any action at e ol' hacienda in yonks!!! 
What are you up to this weekend???
  x KL