Union Jack triump!

 I've blogged before about my love of Vivienne Westwood's Union Jack rug and cushion for The Rug Company. I simply adore the rug used as a piece of striking art as shown below. Unfortunately my budget is never going to stretch to owning one of these (even the cushion is exorbitant!) and I had toyed with the idea of painting my own canvas to get a similar effect.

Vivienne Westwood Union Jack rug used as a wall hanging
This is where patience can sometimes pay off! Today I found this gorgeous picture of Jessica Bettenay's dining room on The Design Files. "Jessica had the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper mounted and displayed." Did you read that???? WALLPAPER!!!! Now that sounds much more affordable! Hooray!!! 
(And it proves you should always read the text accompanying the pictures!!! LOL!)

Jessica Bettenay's Dining room - Courtesy of The Design Files
I'm thinking of using the wallpaper as mounted art in my son's bedroom after being inspired by Erica Cook's design for her sons room below. (Moth Design)

Master Moth's bedroom from Moth Design

I might hang it vertically though as it's so large! 2700 x 1500 mm! Do you like flags used in boys bedrooms?
x KL