Skull desires and weird idiosyncrasies

 Am still on my skull hunt. I think. I stumbled upon this picture that was stored in an old archived folder and it has re-ignited my desire to have one outstanding skull 'sculpture', to go somewhere! How gorgeous is this shot!? I'm in lurve with that lounge too!
Apparently, Hubby has an Uncle that has a livestock farm where we could find a nice skull, with horns, for the time it would take to visit and FWD through the paddocks but ....as nice as nix sounds, the association with reality makes me feel a bit squeamish!
(I love meat but can't consume a fish I've caught or a lobster from a restaurant tank that I've seen! Give me plastic wrap - supermarket denial all the way!!!)
Ok... I shared, your turn. What weird idiosyncrasies do you harbour?

x KL