Once in a life time phenomenom! Really.

Strike me lucky! Howzat for a bloody photo!!!!! Eh?

(Unfortunately it's not mine). Photo credits to follow.... BUT... last night my family and I experienced the same rare phenomenon. Bioluminescent dinoflagellates ....

After seeing 'Johnny English Reborn' at the movies we headed to Hog's Breath Cafe in Terrigal for dinner. This was followed with customised ice-cream desert from Cold Rock for the children (9 - 23 years of age!) and a walk across the road to the beach to watch a spectacular lightning storm on the horizon.
My dodgy but 1st snap at what seemed 'other worldly'!

Little J was the first to see a flash of a 'weird' blue glowing wave and Smash (daughter #2) and her BF - R, went to investigate at a closer proximity.
 I only had my iPhone but tried videoing anyway. Keep with me guys.... till the end!

This is my iPhone video of  Terrigal Beach, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. To any international readers; I am so sincerely sorry for my vulgar 'Aussie twang'. It was so impromptu! I do so love my two daughter's 'gentlemen' suitors though giving their explanations for the glowing blue waves, and to their credit, (a photographer I am not) what we saw was 10 000 x MORE INCREDIBLE than this teeny shot. The "flashes to the left" turned out to be other photographers further down the beach. 

(You may need to play it 3x to see it... Eeeek! It's there though. Promise!)

Aaaand....PLEASE dis-regard my final Min Min comment....(If you're into wierd stuff though it makes an interesting thing to Google! He he!) I got a bit carried away with the moment, how strange it was and I may have had two generous glasses of wine with dinner!

Ok.  Now about snap 1 & 4: 2009 Gippsland Lakes in Australia.

"A group of friends caught this beautiful and rare phenomenon; an unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans (Bioluminescent dinoflagellates), a bioluminescent microorganism taking place right under them. As the water turned bright, glowing, ethereal blue, photographer Phil Hart was there to document the amazing display. The Melbourne-based photographer marvels at how fortunate he was to see this phenomenon. Not only is it a rare sight at this particular location; it is highly unusual to see this concentration of bioluminescent organisms anywhere in the world. The magical event was truly a breathtaking displays of nature’s unexpected beauty."

Apparently we've experienced a once in a lifetime phenomenon. WOW!
Aren't you glad I shared it with you... 'twang and all!!! ?

Regardless of all scientific explanation; I am expecting lots of 'cuddle nights' from J because of possible alien invasion! LOL!!!.Hope you enjoy this unusual post!

x KL