I don't shop ALL the time....

 I was having a squizz at my own blog today and realised that I talk about shopping - a lot! 
So to prove I do have my thrifty side I thought I'd show you a roadside find. This sweet double cane chair was literally four houses away from me and my darling hubby carted it home for me in the rain!

 And in the 'throw out' pile he found a little matching side table too.

I'm going to attempt to paint them glossy black (or, surprise...maybe white!). I've been inspired by Jane at Salvation Jane.
I'm asking Santa for a very basic sewing machine for Christmas so I'll try to sew some upholstery for it myself!
They may end up on my council clean up pile in a few months! LOL! Watch this space!

Oh and BTW the nail polish has faded in an icky way. Mmmm. Going to try Shellac next!

x KL