A new favourite blog!

 I thought I'd share with you a blog (or three) I discovered recently and have had enormous enjoyment from, both in viewing new, and past postings. Designed by Interior designer, Stylist and single mum of five boys, Erica Cook.  From her own beautiful home to carefully curated pictures; this blog is a visual delight and Ms Moth has got style aplenty to share! Don't take my word for it though; check it out HERE.

A taste of Ms Moth's gorgeous bedroom!

Her lounge room is a work in progress. Do you spot the Hermes throw? Drool!

One of master Moth's bedrooms. Styling for boys? No problem for this talented Mum!

This is the photo that attracted me to Moth Design. Perfection and very, very clever.

Ms Moth even makes loo paper storage artful!

Erica's inspirational pictures are always gorgeous!

 And.... if that's not enough, this talented dynamo has two other blogs of equal merit.

A lovely picture from Little Moth

Oh, yes please! Image from Luxe Life


x KL