Life's a Circus!

Not too bad for an iPhone pic
  We went and saw the Lennon Bros Circus perform at Gosford on Thursday night. It was two hours of fast-moving action and very entertaining. One of my dearest friends has a son Drew, who is a clown / acrobat and trapeze artist in the show. Seeing him perform was absolutely delightful! I was so proud of him! I haven't seen a circus for yonks and I thoroughly recommend this! It had us belly-laughing, oohing, aahing and holding our breath as only an old fashion travelling show can. 
The acrobatic performances were simply amazing and the two hours sped by so quickly!
Drew was telling us about the continuing controversy that the 'exotic' animals create with some councils banning them. This show included two big cats, a monkey, llamas, camels and ponies.
The delighted squeals from the children generated from these acts were incredible. We saw healthy, happy and loved animals performing very short, concise routines that were in no way derogatory or humiliating to the animal. Just clever.

What's your opinion on this? A fan or against it? I'd love to know.

My boys enjoyed this old fashioned arcade game too!

No nets for the tight-rope walker!
Hope you have a great weekend!
x KL