Exciting Arrivals!

I had an exciting delivery on Friday afternoon. Two items that I had purchased online arrived.
A rose gold Michael Kors watch from Nordstrom in the US and an Alexander McQueen skull scarf from NET-A-PORTER.

I've bought very few new clothes this winter. Nothing has really been drool worthy enough to buy and all the leggings / jeans I already own are the same as what's on offer in the shops. Updating my wardrobe with a few nice accessories makes more sense to me. And I'm still loving purchasing from the US. The Aussie dollar may have dipped but I still saved about $150 AUD on this watch by buying it this way. Always love a bargain!

 Is it wet and miserable where you are? 
It's perfect weather for snuggling on the lounge here!
Happy Sunday...Happy long weekend!

x KL

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