"J, I am not your Father!"

Darth Vader explains the perils of the dark side....

J was treated to a trip to the 10th Anniversary Supanova Expo today by his big sister and her BF. Talk about boy heaven!
He spoke with Verne Troyer who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies and met Darth, Halo and Sponge Bob characters.

Mr Verne Troyer autographed his photo for J with 'J..., stay evil!'

He was selected to ask questions of two designers from Austin based production company Rooster Teeth, who were involved in the animation of the popular 'Halo' video games. (Which he aspires to play when he's 15!) S and M said he was very mature and asked great questions; he was up on stage with them and held the microphone....

They checked out all the latest Anime screenings and of course spent a small fortune on memorabilia.

J was gob-smacked by all the adults playing serious 'dress-ups'!

But the best bit?
J spending time hanging out with his (recently moved out) big sis and BF. 

x KL

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