Happy Wedding Anniversary Mum & Dad!

Whilst J was off having fun at Supanova yesterday, David and I hung out with Nana and Grandad.

It was like,.... 'home'

Today they celebrate their 52nd Wedding Anniversary! 

I remember trying on Mum's wedding dress when I first became engaged. I was 20 and there was no way that 24" waist dress would fit me!

But I don't think anything else has changed much in 52 years. (On second thought, Mum may no longer wear heels). They still love each other to bits and Dad's still a proud 'tea-pot'.

I was sick and missed celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with them; where the more recent photographs were snapped.

I honestly don't know how to express my gratitude to these wonderful individuals. They are my parents; but by being themselves they have also become my go-to reference guide, friends, confidants, greatest inspiration and my only idols. And Dad's one hell of a 'fixer-uper-er'.  I am so very blessed.

I love you


x KL

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