Maybe I should rename my blog: Diary of a Shopaholic?

A few days in bed and I'm feeling much better! So much for having the flu injection....though I'm supposing that I fared better than I might have if I hadn't had it ???
Anyhoo, it afforded me the time to catch up on emails, favourite blogs and the miracle that is online shopping...

 I spied these faux antique gauge rulers in the Domayne online store. Am seriously plucking daisy petals; 'I need them. I need them not'...

Am loving wearing 'slippers' as shoes! Ruby Shoes has super cheap ones that'll last this season's fashion flash; I have them in in navy, leopard and black.
My blog catch up though alerted me to this edgy variety thanks to Claudia of Peepmystyle
Mmmm...Grey or black?

And after about 8 months of deliberating, I ordered some new sunnies.They're Prada, black and have studs. Oh, and did I mention - on sale? Yee Ha!!!

 Bought this print too from MadeByGirl in New York. It's made by Jen Ramos.
I'll frame it here, hopefully in a cost effective, IKEA set up.
It's a good thing that I'm not sick too often....

x KL 

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