Martine Emdur's Magic...

"Seachange" as featured in the SMH November 8, 2003
 I have been an avid admirer of Martine Emdur's mesmerising underwater paintings since I first saw them featured in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on November 8, 2003.

'Voyeur V'
 Unfortunately, owning an original is beyond our financial capabilities but I was made aware of the recent launch of Martine's range of limited edition fine art reproductions via Australian Fine Art Editions.

Aren't they stunning? Am still in awe!!!
I have finally recognised that I need to focus on getting actual walls before I buy more art to go on them. I may have also overheard the family whispering the word  'intervention.'  Yikes!
Hopefully, Ms Edmur will have an outstanding success with this release and do another down the track where I may be in a better position to purchase...

x KL

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