Bits & bobs...

 Do you choose what you wear from habit? I have to confess that I do. My current favourite 'uniform' can be seen above; super comfy leggings, over sized knitted tunic, skull scarf and studded slippers
Easy- peasy!
I'm leaving the glam stuff to my Glamourzon nieces.  Below is a snap of Meggie at a recent photo shoot. Wow.

Poor old Davey's still not quite himself...

Where once he was all about Aussie surf and water sports he's now fashioning my skull scarf into a bandanna whilst fantasising about a Harley road trip on Route 66... Sacrilege!
He likes to 'work his look' back with Billabong fleece rather than leather jackets though. LOL!

We've been horrified by a local fire tragedy too. Eight attending Central Coast fire brigades were unable to save three business' from total obliteration, one which belonged to close friends. Many other premises in close proximity were affected too; the ramifications still being realised.
It is quite surreal looking at the devastation. There is nothing to salvage. Zip...

David and I took a trip to Sydney and collected our long awaited bedhead. (It was going to cost 50% of the purchase price for delivery!) We love it...and it looks great with this Sheridan bedlinen I picked up heavily discounted in Myer.

 The nest escapees, S and M, are back this weekend to clean up their old bedroom, box  and sort it's remaining contents. Hopefully they are also going to find S' misplaced 21st present. A baguette diamond and white gold bracelet. She didn't take it with her in 'the move', so hopefully it will be unearthed tomorrow. Fingers & toes firmly crossed.

x KL

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