Full of joy here....

I've had a hankering for a neon sign for several years now but knew I wouldn't convince hubby that they have any merit in interior residential decorating until I found these images from Penny Farthing Design House. (A picture tells a thousand words) 
I often have to 'show' a concrete picture of an idea to get him to him to 'see' it. 
These pictures? Luv. Luv. Luv.
It took eight years to sway him with my skull idea though, so I'm not holding my breath!
The 'kiss me' is my fav!

The miserable and wet long weekend here saw lots of mooching about, snuggling in bed and movie watching. We were quite mesmerised by 'Hugo'....
We also found a permanent home for 'Bindi' (yes; he / she has been named), our Balinese Buffalo Skull.
Pictures to follow!

x KL

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