When is your home, not your home?

 This is my current dilemma.
Ordinarily, if I want changes made around la hacienda, I action them pronto.
Eldest daughter S and BF M have moved to Newtown, and with a 12 month lease, we could really utilise their bedroom - temporarily, to assist us in moving forward with the epic stalled build here. 

It goes like this... J who's currently occupying the study, moves temporarily to S & M's room. The study gets a proper fix out and moves from its temporary space upstairs into its permanent abode. All of the remaining upstairs areas are now vacant so can be gyprocked, painted, fixed out and can accommodate appropriately, as per original plans. J moves to his proper room. S & M get their room back (for when they visit), we relocate to the master suite (we gain a guest bedroom / en suite in the process!) We also gain a second lounge room, full kitchen, dinning area and playroom / T.V space!


S & M are not relinquishing their bedroom readily.
It has been vacant for 8 weeks; sadly cold and full of my daughter's detritus from her 22 years of life.
We are forbidden to enter, touch, bag or box its contents....
Um. W. T. ? Helloooo....?
To err on the side of compassion, empathy and understanding... I've given them three weeks notice.
Everyone gains from a happier mother and father, don't you think?

x KL

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