Definitely on target!

 I might be a bit slow with this post...but have you seen the latest bed linen offerings from Target?

I arrived home from Bali with a stack of subscriptions to catch up with. 
The June edition of Real Living Magazine had the most superb cover and the quilt featured is part of a new Real Living for Target range. At an economical price point, great on-trend styles and with Target's regular stock sales, they don't last longer than a blink on the shelves or online. (The pink colourway stock depleted completely by the time I tried to get my mitts on a set! Blue still available though!)

 I really liked the gender neutrality of these designs. Perfect for males, they also fill a perceived 'gap' in current offerings for teenage girls who don't want the stereotypical frou frou of their childhood.

Now there's no excuse for a boring bedroom or being hesitant to try a new look!
Has anyone bought some and can advise on fabric quality? 

x KL

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