Adoring ADORE!

This post may be a little belated but I needed to gush a tincy bit about the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine. If you haven't seen it then hop to it! You will definitely not be disappointed!

 The front cover blew me away and there was so much more inside.
Both the cover shot and the image above are from the showroom of PAD, an acronym for Passionate About Design.
This shop is positively calling my name!

 I found book recommendations to follow up, new blogs to peruse and favourite designer's images for inspiration! Aaah...Greg Natale!

Of course it's no surprise that the feature about this eclectic home would pique my interest!

Particularly when it featured my fave wallpaper Imperfection by Jimmie Martin, and a David Bromley nude!
Black + White + a splash of colour! LOVE IT!!!

Everyone will love something different in this edition...
What were your favourites?

I'm going back for a fourth look!

x KL

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