How To: Easy art project for a child's room!

I started with a google search for some cute images which I sketched. (You can print and trace shapes too) I drew my design onto a ready bought canvas that I had primed with a pale base colour, extending over the edges. I always choose the thicker canvas' as it looks more professional!

 Colour goes on next (there's no problem with 'mistakes'...simply paint over when dry!) and because I'm super impatient, I use my hairdryer to speed up the drying process. (That's J drying for me whilst I started dinner!) I'm not too fussy about the paint I use, but prefer to buy sample pots because 1. you get more paint for your money compared to tube acrylics 2. the paint covers well 3. is of a perfect consistency and 4. will not dry out in the containers. The paint in some of these pots below are 14 years old (from some previous artwork as pictured below) and were still perfect after a good shake and stir!


I first started painting because of a lack of funds to purchase artwork in the styles and sizes I wanted. The 'Aboriginal' work and 'Wave' abstract are good examples of that. I used house-paints I had on hand to save money and co-incidentally created something that 'matched' my decor perfectly!
The Bromley-esque nude was another attempt to 'get-the-look' without the price tag. No-one would model for me so I painted myself (with lots of artistic licence! LOL!) Unfortunately the proportions are out, (I look bobble-headed, the shoulders too narrow...) and it is too detailed for the style I was trying to emulate so it is unfinished; the background not silver-leafed. Eventually I'll paint over it with something else and steer clear of portraiture!

Any hoo, back to this latest project!
J got enthusiastic and creative along with me too! Yay! Far better than the PS3 anyday!

One thing I really like the effect of, is to carry parts of the painting's subject over the edge of the canvas. Just adds a little surprise I think! And I like using black as a frame too!

A tiny bit of fine 'fairy dust' on the butterflies bodies and bee's wings and voila! 
One new baby, nursery wall-art gift. (I smudged her surname for privacy reasons)

This took me half a day, one evening and two glasses of wine to complete. It's no Rembrandt but I really enjoyed painting again and hopefully the recipient will love it too!

Do you like being creative?

x KL

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