whale watching...

I've been watching, from my laundry window (our temporary kitchen!), the annual whale migration north for over six weeks now...
There seems to be more this year than ever.

Yesterday, we took a whale watching tour from Mosman Bay to get up close and personal and it was FANTASTIC! Below are some snaps of our day....

J was given the thrill of sailing / steering the boat out through the heads! We saw several albatross and a large pod of dolphins played along side the boat! The weather was perfect and after much searching to the south of Sydney, we found a mother Humpback Whale with a week old calf. She circled quite slowly and close to our catamaran; a Marine Researcher (part of the tour) excitedly telling us that this was a rare sighting...she was suckling the calf and staying close to the surface.

It was a truly magical experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend!

I just watched today's news: a mother humpback whale and her calf were injured after a collision with the Collaroy, a Sydney Ferry at 8:40 this morning. I am hoping they weren't 'our' pair that we watched yesterday but there is every chance they were. They had no fear of boats. So sad. We're hoping they'll recover fully. Fingers & toes firmly crossed.

x KL

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