the weekend that blew away.....

Howling winds, freezing temperatures and horizontal rain on Friday night scared us off from attending the Rabbitohs V's Manly NRL game. J was inconsolable. I hate throwing money away (we had pre- purchased Reserve tickets) but I'm sure we made the right decision.

J's final Saturday Soccer match for the season was cancelled too. Nice one.
The 1st Nest Fliers were to come home Saturday for a finishing room clean-up but the bad weather delayed them. At least we had a nice catch-up Saturday night!

Today was miserable too. Soooo windy! Thank God we has a miraculous break in the horrid conditions to attend a birthday party at Treetops Adventure Park. J went to a party here last year (info HERE) but this year the children qualified in height and age to do the first of the higher, adults course.  J was quite challenged by it but still completed two of the three sections. Woo Hoo! 
(I was stressing just at the harness instruction stage! LOL!) 

I'm off to deliver the skull I sold on eBay tomorrow to an address in Lindfield. Thank goodness for google maps and directions! I'm feeling a bit sad passing 'her' on to someone else. Best to do so before she's named, like our Bali skull. Bindi.

I hate driving the freeway in wet conditions so am praying for a fine morning.
How was your weekend? Washed away like ours?

x KL

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