I Wish......

I love everything about Lynn Ban's home after seeing it featured in The Glow. I know, I have shown you this image before.... however it is the image that has added more to my 'wish list' than any other; the zebra rug, the bookcase, tortoise shell, skulls, dark floors, coral and that Vintage Chanel sign!
And now I've tracked one down!!!! 

 It's in Lennox, South Dakota U.S. $750 + USD. And they won't ship to Australia. 
Perhaps that's a good thing...? !
 I've been trying to be 'thrifty' lately...(are you proud of me Mum?)

 Loving my free Supre jeans / leggings / jeggings...courtesy of a girlfriend who bought the wrong size. They are as comfy as PJ's!!! (Sorry about the boots...I had a site visit!) and my $2 bowls from Domayne (which were $8.95!). Used my Country Road Spend & Save deal for some homeware basics including this pop of orange t-towel.

OK, this stag headed Champagne coaster wasn't on sale but....this gorgeous butterfly paper weight was; $5 marked down from $30! Yay! I bought a few for Christmas stocking fillers!!!

And bathmats were two for the price of one...

With all this saving....the Chanel light might have to stay on the 'wish list' indefinitely.
If you're interested though.... here's the link!
(You can always ship to Oz via MyUS.com)
eBay Item number: 280941263186

x KL

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